Popcorn Pulse 28: Assault on Time

Chance can be a fickle master at the best of times and often leaves you when you need it most. And so it was for Wetall when Tim got to choose the movie for the joint review this episode. Tim picked the original Assault on Precinct 13(1976) by John Carpenter.

Tim likes it for the atmosphere being an action film shot in the style of a horror movie. Weltall was frustrated by the incredibly slow pacing at the beginning and the seemingly senseless direction. Though we both agreed some of the lines were hilarious, unintentionally, and the titular assault was fun.

Tim then discusses Outland(1981), starring Sean Connery. It was a definitely a weird time in Sean’s career when he would randomly try out anything people handed him. This was probably because he was tired of people calling him Mr Bond. In it, Connery plays a sheriff who arrives on a mining facility on Io. He discovers a drug plot and sentences his enemies to death by explosive decompression. It was the eighties and anyone exposed to the vacuum of space had to ‘splode.

Weltall then talks about a classic which has recently undergone a revival. Once Upon a Time in America(1984) by Sergio Leone. Yes, the Sergio Leone who helped bring Spaghetti Westerns over to the states. It was originally released in the U.S., cut and reordered. It was finally restored to a version closer to Sergio’s vision. It’s a classic story about crime, friendship and betrayal which clocks in at over three hours.



Beach Wedding Dance (Rolemusic) / CC BY 4.0


Chasing The Port Chains (Rolemusic) / CC BY 4.0
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