Popcorn Pulse 29: Singlecorn End

Confusion and distraction run amok in this episode as Tim and Weltall do their best to talk about late nineties classic, Dante’s Peak(1996). In it, James Bond loses a girlfriend to a volcano and then declares war on lava spewing mountains. After killing a number of gelatinous talk show hosts, he takes a vacation in the state of Washington where he hopes to wait out the years until legalization.

However, being a vulcanologist, Bond has spent many a days and nights blaspheming the ancient Greek god. Angered by Bond’s hubris, he throws a hammer at a nearby mountain, causing it to turn into an active volcano. Bond must then save Sarah Connor, two whiny kids and a dog before they become part of the future exhibit, Pompei 2 the revengance.

Weltall then discusses End of Watch(2012). Considering its two years old at this point, it’s actually a bit topical. You watch two police officers from mostly body and dash camera footage as they go through the most exciting day an officer has ever had. And what officer’s day would be complete without a shootout?

Tim then talks about Capricorn One(1977). NASA is preparing to launch a manned mission to Mars when they find something will go wrong. The team of rocket scientists responsible for some of the most impressive feats of science at the time, decide that it will be easier to let the rocket go on without the humans, fake the landing then pretend it all went great instead of delaying it and fixing the problem.



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