Popcorn Pulse 30: Safe Below

This episode does not feature, for once, an eighties semi-obscure sci-fi movie featuring a celebrity slumming for a paycheck. For a change of pace, it features a semi-obscure sci-fi flick from this decade instead. Safety Not Guaranteed [2012], a movie that’s based on a meme which is, in internet years, fossilized and hung up in museums. Let us explain why they butchered the movie with the ending.

Tim then talks about As Above, So Below [2014]. Like so many low budget horror films before it, it’s shot in a found/documentary footage style which is easy on the studio wallet. Unlike so many of those other films, this one has a bit of style. It also earns points from Tim for being a collection of his all the nopes tropes like tight spaces underground in the dark beneath France.

Weltall then makes it a pair by doing another sci-fi film, The Anomaly [2014]. In it, a man wakes up, gasp, and finds a gun in his pocket along with a ski mask. Having all the gear, he turns into a bank robber and retires in Tahiti. Or he discovers that someone has been making a puppet out of him and he gets brief respite to be himself in random intervals.



xyce – Quelle Surprise (VRC6 Remix) (RoccoW) / CC BY-SA 4.0


Jangus (inspired by ToeJam and Earl) (UncleBibby) / CC BY 4.0
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