Manga Pulse 326: Car Bow

We often receive a number of suggestions which we ignore in our email. Solicitations to buy blue strawberry plants, pleasure our women longer or to find out the one weird food you should never eat end up in the trash. However, we almost always fulfill our manga shows with the suggestions of listeners. The chief reason being we are often lazy and get tired of hitting the random button.

Tim takes in a suggestion that came in powered by indignation at a Wildfire recommendation taking a Read it Now. Baoh which he kept saying as bow, because he specializes in butchering foreign languages as well as driving just at the speed limit. It features a character with enough powers that you begin to lose track of them by the fourth chapter. It’s still entertaining enough to earn it a Crackers in spite of the precocious psychic child and the obligatory plushy animal.

Weltall then reviews Murcielago. Yes, we were lent a fancy Italian supercar and decided it would be better than talking about a manga. Weltall declares it quick, pretty and with a surprising amount of balls just like that bartender he met. Though there is also a manga which is basically Dexter Does Japan: Kawaii! Combined with random censored sex, this yuri managed to earn a Crackers by getting to the thrust of the first arc quickly.

Weltall: Murcielago – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Not in the USA but here is something else
Tim the Enchanter: Baoh – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Not in the USA



Yokushun (Rolemusic) / CC BY 4.0


La Calahorra (Rolemusic) / CC BY 4.0
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