Manga Pulse 325: Slice of Cheese

Finally, a show that focuses on the manga. You’d almost think we’ve done one of these once in awhile or something. Through the magic of circumstance we both managed to do some slice of life mangas at the same time. Considering how dull they usually are, it’s nothing short of a miracle if we generated some entertainment from them.

Tim talks about Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa. It’s a slice of life about a socially awkward construction worker who wants desperately to be popular. He decides that he will find way, in his simple and methodical way, to win the hearts and minds of his coworkers. Being socially inept, he fails multiple times. And while the story isn’t as excruciating as some it only earns a borders.

Weltall then discusses Cheese in the Trap, a manwha. Like the lives of some people we must all know, at some point, it goes nowhere and does nothing. Sort of like a fat pigeon glued to a manhole cover. It’s about a girl who resents a boy for reasons the author doesn’t want to elaborate upon. Without any character growth or substance to speak of, it too earned itself a borders.

Weltall: Aria the Scarlet Ammo – Read it at Borders.
Tim the Enchanter: Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa – Read it at Borders.
Not in the USA



Far Apart (Airglow) / CC BY 4.0


System Shutdown (Airglow) / CC BY 4.0
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