Popcorn Pulse 31: Wormtongue

Cyberpunk doesn’t crop up in films these days. During the nineties though, they were as numerous as the Buffalo on the US. Death Machine (1994) is one of these corpses, stuffed and mounted for generations to gawk and poke at.

It stars Wormtongue, an actress from Lawnmower Man 2: Death of the Franchise, two guys with bit parts from the Fifth Element, the brother who dies first in Die Hard and Commander Porkins. Wormtongue unleashes the titular Death Machine when he gets fired by the CEO while demanding his job back. The only solution they come up with is to stuff a random terrorist into a cyborg suit and make him fight the killer alien robot.

Weltall then talks about the most uplifting movie which should have won for best comedy, Papillion(1973). It has Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman along with some errant coconuts. There’s also some guest appearances by things like casual racism, abuse and torture. It’s a laugh riot fit for the whole family.

Tim then discusses what is, quite possibly, one of the worst movie featuring Sherlock Holmes to come out of Hollywood. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes features Sherlock whining at Watson and everyone else who dares to not be as perfect as him. If you look closely, you can see the moment Christopher Lee decides he’s going to be an evil badass for the rest of his career.




The Simple Complex (UncleBibby) / CC BY 4.0
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