Manga Pulse 334: King Ghost

There are some things in life which are just plain classy. A finger of whiskey, neat on a cold day. A silk tie done in a proper Windsor knot. The clean lines of an Aston Martin. We, however, do not have much truck with class. We could explain more but you’ll only understand once you’ve listened to this episode where we tackle sensitive subjects like a raging bull after a cape.

Tim reviews a Manga drawn by a Taiwanese artist which is set in Taiwan, King of Bowling. Which is confusing because we didn’t think Japan acknowledged the existence of other countries as a setting within comics and anything to the contrary was summarily burned. It features bowling and no royalty. Though the lack of monarchs doesn’t keep Tim from giving it a Read it Now.

Weltall then reviews a manwha Welcome to Ghost City. There are ghosts in Seoul which may or may not be a pun. Because there are so many, someone passed laws and there are cops to enforce them. Our main guy ends up on the ghost beat and becomes something of a ghost superintendent. It didn’t annoy Weltall enough to go lower than a Borders.

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