VG Pulse 338: Nope Man’s Sky

This week on VGP, we’re once again unsupervised! We start out with side notes of Aki having something mysterious going on, as well as Millennium telling us what life’s been like in daylight lately! Afterwards we dive into the regular news where we go over September 4ths Nintendo Direct (Deadly Premonition tho…), Ikumi Nakamura’s bizarre departure from Tango Gameworks, and we have a bit of a rant over the whole Alec Holowka situation and 2019’s “cancel culture” in general. After the news we dive into a joint first look at Astroneer, and finish off with talk of food, and Millennium ranting about Funimation! All this and more up next on VGP 338! -Aki

Show Notes

Intro – Still Alive guitar cover by FamilyJules
Outro – Want You Gone guitar cover by FamilyJules

Super Mario Maker 2 Playthrough
Blocking Switch Piracy Sites
Me Too Accusations lead to Suicide
Pewdiepie donation Nontraversy
Nintendo be doing Weird Stuff Again
Ikumi Nakamura Leaves Tango Gameworks
Deadly Premonition 2 Announced !!?!

No Man’s Sky Beyond Update – PS4, XB1, PC – ESRB “T”
MillenniumX17 – Too boring to play for more than an hour!
Official Site

First Look
Astroneer – PC, PS4, XB1 – ESRB “E10+” – MillenniumX17
Official Site


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One Reply to “VG Pulse 338: Nope Man’s Sky”

  1. PewDiePie is a fucking shit-stirrer, and I wish I would never have to hear about him anymore. I get the whole say edgy things for shock value gimmick, but outside of his persona, I think he may be a piece of shit.

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