VG Pulse 350: Strugglebus Lockdown

This week on VG Pulse, the world’s still largely at a standstill! We start off with side-notes about life in retail, as well as an update about Millennium’s mysterious sickness, before diving into what little months worth of news there is, including Game Stop wanting to reopen again, a lawsuit about Humvee’s, and some Nintendo security breaches! After the news we dive into mine and Millennium’s joint review of Rebel Galaxy and we finish off with talk of food, anime, and shockingly some non-anime tv too!! All this and more up next on VGP 350! -Aki

Millennium Note – WordPress/HTML still hates me! But I forced it to work this time!

Show Notes

Intro – The Ballad of Serenity – Firefly Soundtrack
Outro – Blues Saraceno – Evil Ways – Rebel Galaxy Soundtrack

Project Veritas – Funeral directors doubt legitimacy of COVID death certs
Tucker Carlson/Dave Rubin Interview – YouTube now censoring doctors?
The Dollar Vigilante – The World Has Gone Insane
Activision Wins First Amendment Case
PAX West Holds September Dates
E3 Dates 2021

Rebel Galaxy – PC, PS4, XB1 , OS X – ESRB “T”
MillenniumX17/DarkGodAkito – Buy It Now
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