Manga Pulse 420: BoyGirl Harem

The four hundred twentieth episode of Manga Pulse has arrived and it is a special one. We’ve got manga read ahead of time in what we swear is our usual habit.

Tim has Kanojo Ni Naru Hi. In a world where the sexes are naturally kept even by nature, sometimes people will swap sexes. When a Miyoshi’s friend and rival Mamiya is hospitalized suddenly and comes back as a girl, shennangians ensure. It’s not too bad and part of a few stories set in this same world. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall revisits World’s End Harem. Protagonist wimp gets frozen for a cure for some mysterious manga disease. When he’s awoken a few years later, all but two other men have been wiped out and the women are desperate to repopulate. But PW wants to save himself for his true love and childhood friend. It’s boring enough to land squarely at Borders.

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