Script 2 Script 28: Snowpiercer

In the future we will all have to eat bugs. At least according to a bunch of terrible think pieces scattering the internet. And there is no way those are boosted by the elites who are tired of having to pay more for meat because the peasants want some too. Just like all the articles that get written telling people they need to stop wanting a house and space for comfort. In that spirit we talk about Snowpiercer[2013].

Originally a French graphic novel it was adapted in twenty thirteen in a joint Korean/American production. Both take place entirely on a train which runs along the wasteland of earth and may be the last bastion of humanity. The train runs and keeps a small population of poor who eat poorly and push a revolution. This follows the head of the revolt shoving their way forward through the upper classes as they move through each car.

The comic focuses mostly on the disparity between them and ends with the leader taking over as the engineer of the train. The movie uses this as a frame work for spectacle of what the upper crust train passengers are doing and claustrophobic fight scenes. We much preferred the storytelling in the film and felt it had a better payoff than the comic.

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