VG Pulse 373: Never Going to GIF You Up

This week on VG Pulse we return to form with a rather vanilla episode (a flavor of ice cream most people can enjoy). In the side notes, Baked talks about why he is baked out of his mind while Monado is paid a visit by the virus of unspecified origin. There’s a variety of articles and news to discuss from big companies like NVIDIA and Microsoft getting hacked, Netflix and Amazon really trying to make the video game thing happen, to more casual topics like a list of top Bioware games and a more questionable list of top “losers” in Video Games. We also cover takes from Reggie (my body is ready) Fils-Aimé on Facebook/Metaverse, AngryJoe on the new Halo series and much more! Finally we got our reviews of an obscure wholesome title, Treasure of Nadia and the flashy (in a different way) Azure Striker Gunvolt. All this and more on VGP 373!! -Aki

Intro – Still Alive Guitar Cover by FamilyJules
Outro – Want You Gone Guitar Cover by FamilyJules

LAPSUS$ Microsoft and NVIDIA Hackers Arrested
I’m commander Shepherd, and these are my favorite games
“Link is Hot” – Reggie Fils-Aimé
Losers Rank Losers
Netflix arrives late to the game…
A little bit of job envy for PC gamers
Amazon Games, already passed it’s Prime. Success is not available for Next Day Delivery (I’ll stop)
Joe covers Joe’s Angry review of Halo (Bizarre)
Man who made many a meme possible passes on

Treasure of Nadia – PC – ESRB Not Rated
xxX_BakedOutOfMyMind_Xxx – Crackers
Fandom Wiki
Official Site
Azure Striker Gunvolt -PC, 3DS – ESRB “E10+”
MonadoZ420 – Crackers
Fandom Wiki
Official Site


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