Popcorn Pulse 170: King’s Ghost

Wake up weaboos, we got a Japanese movie for you to enjoy. It’s what happens when a director who’s strictly worked in Japan makes a foray into the west. Of course he grabs Nic Cage to star as an outlaw. This requires he wear a full leather jumpsuit with bombs near his balls, arms and neck. This is all very important to the plot, so we are told.

Prisoners of the Ghostland[2021] is set in post apocalyptic future Jap-America. Where cowboys and samurai rule. The evil governor wants Cage, for he is just Cage, to chase down and rescue his granddaughter who has vanished into the Ghostlands. To ensure Cage doesn’t get any funny ideas or run off, his suit has a timer of three days and will explode his nuts if he gets horny.

Tim talks about Spider-Man: Homecoming[2017]. Apparently he’s just come around and seen it. And he thinks it’s pretty good. I bet you all can’t wait for next Popcorn Pulse when he decides to watch that Citizen Kane movie all the kids are talking about. Perhaps he’ll even try out the gasoline powered automobile.

Weltall then has The King’s Man[2021]. It’s something of a prequel to the Kingsman series. Of course it’s set around the Great War. There’s a lot of references to things that didn’t need to be explained. Because prequels have a habit of filling details to questions no one asked. Why do the Kingsmen wear that style of shoe? Why do they carry umbrellas? I bet you cared to know exactly why.

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