Script 2 Script 32: Jaws

Do we need to introduce this movie? The grand pappy of the summer tent pole film. The movie that made Spielberg a household name and helped launch a shift in the way movies were made. We bring a discussion of Jaws.

If you read the book, you went into the movie wondering where the dicussion of small town politics was. Or maybe you missed the affair between Mrs Brody and Hooper. All of this chaff is separated from the wheat in the movie and makes the film superior.

We also start a new tradition in this episode where we have a drink for the occasion.
The Modified Sharkbite

1 oz of Spiced Rum
1 oz of Rum
1 oz of Blue Curacao
Lemon Lime Soda
Dash of Grenadine
Stir into ice and garnish with a gummi shark for personal amusement.

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