VG Pulse 394: Deer Hunter

This week on VG Pulse, we have a surprise dragon once more! We start off with side notes of Kassy’s health and Millennium’s joyous journey into the land of finding cars in 2023! After the side notes we dive into the regular news where we discuss Gamestop losing its CFO, Nintendo’s new console reportedly being due out late next year, MrBeast suing Virtual Dining Concepts over his food brand being damaged with mass reports of undercooked and inedible food, and Rockstar hiring on a modding team that it had previously banned! After the news we go over the discord discussions, and close out with talk of food and anime! All this and more up next on VGP 394!! -Aki

Intro – Tetris A Theme Guitar Cover by FamilyJules
Outro – Tetris B Theme Guitar Cover by FamilyJules

Kai Cenat giveaway fiasco
Guinness world records copy strike situation
Linus Tech Tips fiasco
Better late than never?
Replacement Parts for Xbox controllers
Mr Beast Burgers lawsuit


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