Manga Pulse 498: Inside a Sandwich

We are like cardboard. Not because we are now made with up to thirty percent less material than previously. Because we are two flat sheets sandwiching corrugated paper. Also, we don’t stand up well in the rain. But that’s more because we’re from drier climes where water falling from the sky is of the devil unless it’s frozen. That’s a completely useless way of telling you that we have two manga again.

Tim has a revisit of Kekkaishi. This time it’s an omnibus covering the first three volumes. A little recap is there are two families which banish evil spirits. They guard a magical place which happens to be underneath their high school. The two families are descended from a single school and split when the founder didn’t or couldn’t decide on a single heir. So there’s a little Romeo and Juliet going on between the son and daughter of the two schools. It gets a Borders.

Weltall then has Inside Mari. Isao is a college dropout who spends all his time farming gold for Westerners in Roblox, or something. He has no friends, doesn’t talk to his family, and has a boner for a local cashier girl that he doesn’t talk to. So one day he wakes up inside her body and living as her. Something, not hijinks, but something ensues. It also wanders over into the territory of Borders

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