Script 2 Script 34: Dune

It’s time to get dried out from all the aquatic themed books we’ve done. What better place than Arrakis, Dune, desert planet. The Frank Herbert novel is getting another adaptation soon-ish. It’s a classic space opera where one family attempts to trap another on a hostile world to be exterminated.

The mix of Muad’dib and the spice of the planet allows Paul to survive and thrive. Being a scifi novel, there’s a lot of backstory that Lynch wasn’t really able to fit in. How much of it was due to studio meddling versus Lynch clearly wanting to do something else with the material is hard to suss out.

The Drink:


1 oz maple syrup
2 oz whiskey
.5-1 oz Curacao
dash of cinnamon
mixed with ice and poured
dash of grenadine
gummy worm, for fun.

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