Engrish Shirts #1

Armed with a new camera that can withstand the brunt of energetic kids (the Olympus Stylus-8000 Tough), I bring you the first pictures of fun Engrish shirts.

A bit deeper than I expect when I think “Airwalk”, but I guess it ties in.
inner peace and enlightenment can only be achieved after there are no places left on your body to bruise
when this happens, take a moment to look down, and realize you’ve found the ground whether you’re ready or not
upon the attempt to transcend the metaphysical one can easily get lost alone

One word… “ElJohn”? Seriously?
Loud Exclamation
struggling against difficulties for the sake of vengeance

LDP is out, DPJ is in. Hooray for change (wait, aren't they almost the same?)

I’m currently watching TV on my DS, yay for Japanese tech. The Minshuto (DJP) has 276 seats out of the 480, with the Jiminto (LDP) only having 82. This means that Aso Taro is out of power and Hatoyama Yukio is in power. Join the rest of Japan in rejoicing that one group of old, power-hungry and corrupt men has been replaced with an almost identical group (heck, they were the same party until 1996) of old, power-hungry and corrupt men. Yay for choice!

EDIT: Now the DJP is at 303, LDP at 115, with only 14 seats left to report. Komeito has 19, Communist party has 8, Social Democratic has 5, with 16 seats split among other small parties.

Comiket 76 Day 2/3

Alright, I’m back, unpacked, and ready to talk about Comiket.

I’m sure you’ve already heard, but this was a record attendance event. Over 560,000 over the three days. Talk about crazy. Since I’ve already talked about Day 1 in my previous post, let’s talk about Day 2.

First off, after finally getting a chance to go through the Catalog, I have a better feel for the event. Day 1 appears to be a lot of Yaoi stuff, Day 2 is a lot of Game/Videos and Day 3 is a lot of the male-oriented doujin. Of course, every day has lots of doujin, but that’s the emphasis. So, plan in hand, I was ready.
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Comiket 76 Day 1

So I just got back from Comiket 76, Day 1. It was a wild time. I left the hotel just after 8am, got to the Rinkai line, Kokusai-Tenjijou station around 8:45 or so. The crowds weren’t bad until I saw the actual line. Then I followed the traffic around to the end of the line, almost a kilometer away!

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Teacher threatens to Kill Boss

Many of us have undoubtedly at one point or another wished ill for our employers.Such was the case for atwenty-nine year old Elementary teacher in Yokohama’s Tsurumi-ku. This teacher took out his frustrations by writing blogs on the Internet. In said blogs the teacher stated that he wanted to kill the Vice-Principal of his school. He also stated,”If a teacher is murdered, it will be me who’s responsible, for certain.” Continue reading “Teacher threatens to Kill Boss”

The Pokemon Shinkansen

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the new Pokemon themed Shinkansen (bullet train) by the JR East company running here in Japan. Well today I took a trip on it. It was the Asama Shinkansen between Tokyo and Nagano. We start off with a pic of good old Pikachu and the fire monkey (names will not be included other than Pikachu because I don’t know them. If you care look it up yourself).

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GSDF Colonel Dies in Empty Pool

Forty-Nine year old Tadashi Usami was found dead in an empty swimming pool around six-twenty A.M. on Thursday Morning. His body was found face down in the pool of a residential neighborhood. Police believe that Usami was on his way home to his hotel when he stumbled into the back yard believing this was his home. Having been drinking for most of the evening with a colleague near JR Ebisu station,Usami being extremely intoxicated was unable to tell the difference between this house and his hotel. Alcohol is believed to be the main factor. Foul play is not suspected.

Mainichi Daily News