Episode 134: Ichigos gone and the Library is at war

****Update, we have a winner, thanks those who tried. Let me know what you think about this type of contest and maybe we’ll do more of them in the future****

We’ve got a great show this week. Tim joins me as Ichigo is gone so we review the following: Toshokan Sensou and a One Piece update . I hope the show isn’t too bad, but it should make everyone appreciate all the hard work Ichigo puts into each show to make them a success.

Toshokan Sensou – Netflix it.

Show Notes


Intro – Here is your contest for some goodies, first person to send me the name of the intro and the artist to Batou@anime-pulse.com wins

Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Toshokan Sensou
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0 Replies to “Episode 134: Ichigos gone and the Library is at war”

  1. Yes, Ichigo is missed.

    Dude!!! All the problems you had at the beginning and to still record the podcast, YOU ROCK!!! WAY TO GO BATOU!!!

  2. Obviously Ichigo is the real talent of this duo. This was the worst show I have ever heard. Just horrid. I hope Ichigo comes back soon, or I’m done with this failcast.

  3. Great show
    But if ichigo is passed like a gallstone from the group, does that mean that Tim is a replacement gallstone?

    You guys rock! Keep up the good work, cant wait for Ichigo to come back, for the “Ichigo Be Good Water” is unused, but great show Tim and Batou.

    Also, haven’t seen Chigo in awhile, but i haven’t heard many recent episodes, so please forgive my ignorance if he has been on, but have you sacrificed him to the gods of anime?
    Cya guys, Keep the anime love strong!!!!

  4. AAAAUGH! What is the first song?! It’s beautiful! Help me out here, I’m dying. Please. You’ve got a winner, so just post the song name already!

  5. don’t be lazy and put up the intro song title, you already had a winner and now other people would like to know what the songs is and who made it

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