Episode 145: Maid Guy Hunter

To be honest this show could be a lot better, mostly due to the fact that I tried going it alone, no help, no Tim, no Ichigo, NO ONE. Meh it’s my fault anyway. So this week I give a little talk about the manga Hunter X Hunter and the anime Kamen no Maid Guy. Oh and if anything said in the show rubs you the wrong way, remember it’s just a show.

Hunter X Hunter – Read it now!
Kamen no Maid Guy – Wait till it comes to the US and Netflix it.

Show Notes


Intro – Kaze no Uta by Minako Honda from Hunter X Hunter
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Hunter X Hunter

Kamen no Maid Guy
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0 Replies to “Episode 145: Maid Guy Hunter”

  1. This show rubbed me the right way, and what you doing Friday night? You seen brokeback mountain? I’ll bring the dvd over.

  2. ZOMG You read HunterXHunter…

    I love you Batou, so epic since I asked to review the anime so long ago. Great show btw, nothign wrong with the alluring tones of your voice 😉

  3. Batou alone, this may be the first episode I totally skip over. the only hope you have to save the show is to get Chigo back.

    Batou, Have fun watching Brokeback Mountain with your lover.

  4. Chigo?, i thought that you put him and the other commentators in the oven, waited for a few days and Tim was born, the rest is history.

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