Episode 151: Neo Angelique: Lost Memories

This week we’ve got a great show as we discuss Seoul, Korea, do the news and review Bounen no Xamdou (Xam’d: Lost Memories) and Neo Angelique ~Abyss~. Check out this great show.

Bounen no Xamdou – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ – Wait until it hits the US and NetFlix it.

Show Notes


Intro – Shut Up And Explode by Boom Boom Satellites from Xam’d: Lost Memories
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Bounen no Xamdou
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Neo Angelique ~Abyss~
Anime News Network
Official Site

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  1. Some of those Starcraft pros make over 100k a year. They spend all day, ever day playing and live in dorms with their team. I saw a documentary on the world championships once it was online, you can probably find it. Also WoW is huge in Korea as well as the US. I remember that some of the releases, went into the Korean version first.

  2. Your description of Korea doesn’t sound that much different to Thailand. It doesn’t feel like America, but the people and the smell are about right. There are nice people if you know where to look, but store owners just try to rip off tourists and in Bangkok there are vents in a lot of streets that lead straight down to the sewer. The smell of garbage has nothing on sewage ๐Ÿ™‚

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