Popcorn Pulse 10: Frozen Skin

In this great episode we discuss The Frozen Ground. Well first we go off on directors using cell phones instead of real cameras. Then the Enchanter shows Weltall the new Green Goblin annndddd… Wow. Eventually we get to the movie and discover the Enchanters true feelings of “true story” detective movies.


Police “Nicolas Cage” hunt a serial killer, “John Cusack” who is really good at it. “Based” on “true events.” Vanessa Hudgens plays the stripper/hooker who is the victim that escapes. It follows whoever randomly even 50 cent, who is the pimp, because racism. It’s fairly realistic but listen to the episode to find out what we thought. Well mostly what the Enchanter thought.

A Coen brothers movie that’s slooowww, who would have seen that one coming. Money and death affect “real people.”

Sean Bean is a British Jack Bower (did I spell that right, I can’t be bothered to open a new tab and check.) He is tasked with killing some terrorists. We also follow some terrorists, but the names of those actors took to many clicks to look up so I couldn’t be bothered again. Don’t go thinking this is a british 24, though it is similar it doesn’t have people teleporting around or near as much shaky cam.



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