Popcorn Pulse 22: Fleeing Mansion

If there’s one thing you can certainly say about the nineties, it was that it eventually lead to the two thousands. Also, the Matrix. But in between there was a movie called Fled. Someone in Hollywood thought, hey isn’t Alec Baldwin popular right now? Yeah but we can’t afford him so here’s Stephen Baldwin. Also Laurence Fishburne before he got stuck playing a chubby Morpheus who wants to sell you a car.

Tim and Weltall discuss the many, many nonsensical decisions that are made among the characters. Like why the hell they steal Ru Paul’s car? Or why didn’t Baldwin’s character back this data up on more than one floppy disk? Also, how the hell does a nineties Buick keep up with a Ducati sport bike?

Tim then covers the forgotten, also known as Canadian, movie Foolproof. It stars Ryan Reynolds as not that much of a smartass and some other people. They belong to a club that pulls virtual heists and get blackmailed into doing a real one by a gangster. Naturally there are twists and a few betrayals.

Weltall then discusses Brick Mansions. This is a movie that’s a bit famous for being Paul Walker’s final film which should probably be its only claim to fame. Being as it’s just a remake of District B13 and done with no change to the story. Also, they just repeat all the same stunts. Weltall hated to drop a rating on it but he declared your time would be better served rewatching B13 and indulging in some two thousand four nostalgia.



Surnaturel Remix (Maybe Watson) / CC BY-SA 3.0


Ophelia’s Song (Musetta) / CC BY 3.0
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