Popcorn Pulse 23: Viva la French Cinema

For our joint review this week, we decided to reach back to the days when reality shows had just begun to dip with the appearance of the cancerous lesion known as Paris Hilton. The, now, long forgotten movie The Hunted from 2003. Though we were intrigued by The Hunted from 1995, featuring Chris Lambert, of Highlander fame, and may have to watch that some time.

It stars Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro. Del Toro plays a sort of murder happy Bear Grylls trained by Jones. When Del Toro goes a bit crazy and decides that winning involves murdering FBI agents, Jones has to track them down. Watch an action movie before shaky cam became the norm. Brought to you by the guy who directed the mother f-ing Exorcist and The French Connection. Also, be prepared for a few heavy handed visual metaphors.

Tim then talks about Le Samourai, a French film about a hitman from 1967. Naturally the hit goes off with a catch which entangles him in a web of deceit. There are some French stereotypes like moody lighting and copious smoking which both make cameos. It’s very heavy on mood and a bit lighter on plot.

Weltall then decided he too wanted to talk about a French flick, Sexual Chronicles of a French Family from 2012. Weltall reports that he can’t recall if there are any other tropes but there is a boatload of male nudity because French, apparently. Weltall will then go on to explain why you might enjoy a movie you probably won’t be watching while you watch your nieces and nephews. Unless you’re trying to convince their parents that, no really, you’re a terrible pick for the job and shouldn’t be given it again.



Did you know? (Curiouser and curiouser) (Fabian Measures) / CC BY 4.0


Melody of The Strings (Fabian Measures) / CC BY 4.0
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