Manga Pulse 319: Girl Crime

Sometimes life is just full of surprises. Like a train that manifests and runs you off the road when you start singing Ironic by Alanis Morisette. Other times it can be fairly predictable. Like when Tim digs into his list of requests to find a manga to review.

Tim decided this time to review a manga call Crime Zone. In accordance with manga laws, there is neither a crime nor a zone to be found within. Sure, some of the vampires in it do commit crimes, assuming that murder is still considered a crime in this universe. So yes, spoiler alert, it’s a manga about vampires. There’s pure bloods and a half dozen other variants with assorted powers. Listen to Tim just try and discuss how it deserves a Read It Now in spite of its natural handicap.

Speaking of maintaining the status quo, Weltall grabs something at random and wound up with Girl May Kill. It begins, innocently enough, with the main character having moved back to the town of his childhood because he has fond memories of it. There, he finds a job working at a video rental store, which inexplicably stocks VHS still, that includes his room and board. And suddenly he ends up witness to a gang shootout. It turns out the town he grew up in has gotten a little seedy. Weltall enjoyed it enough to give it a Read It Now as well.

Weltall: Girl May Kill – Read it Now
Not in the USA
Tim the Enchanter: Crime Zone – Read It Now
Not in the USA



MTL GÉNITAL (Maybe Watson) / CC BY-SA 3.0


Something Elated (Broke For Free) / CC BY 3.0
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