Episode 431: Project Company Sidonia

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and welcome back to another episode of Anime Pulse. This week the three musketeers are back to give you the latest from Japan and review some anime, first up is news where we discuss Pokemon cafes, newly licensed anime, and secret techniques to keeping your skin looking fresh and young. Then it’s onto this weeks Discussion Thread, where we were inundated with replies to a very popular question. What are three of your top anime OPs? And finally it’s into reviews as TC tackles the terrible Project A-ko, Ichigo delves into the kickstarted Santa Company, and Red wraps it up with a look at Sidonia no Kishi. No show next week as the hosts will be seeing to family and friends, so enjoy the holidays everyone!

Show Notes


Intro – Sidonia from Sidonia no Kishiby Angela
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode from Tsukiyomi Moon Phaseby Dimitri From Paris


Project A-ko– Burn It

Santa Company– Crackers

Sidonia no Kishi– Download Now



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0 Replies to “Episode 431: Project Company Sidonia”

  1. 1. ValentiNe’s Day, not ValentiMe’s Day.

    2. I guess Hatsune Miku is technically animatronic. I have to think about that. Usually, animatronic is used when talking about tangible creations.

    2. Hatsune Miku Vs. Led Zepplin and Meatloaf: talk about two extremes of the music spectrum!

    3. Red, why don’t you go to a con in your sickly senpai’s home town, so he doesn’t have to travel? He has to have a con in his city, right? Or maybe a con within a decent travel distance by car.

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