Podcast Awards 2015 – Nominations Round

Hello everyone, Red here. As you may or may not know the 2015 Podcast Awards are now beginning, and as they always do it starts out with nominations. We were able to make it into the nominations and into the main voting round last year, but we fell short in the final voting round behind The Moth. Personally I think NPR related shows hog way too much of the podcast awards, but as they are a publicly sponsored production I can’t rail on them for being corporate slaves.

So as with last year I would like to take a moment and ask that you guys, our listeners, our fans, our members, our subscribers, everyone, go and fill out the nominations for the Podcast Awards. I’d like to see us shoot for thePeople’s Choice and theCultural/Artscategories, so go ahead and add us in for both of them.

Now you can only vote ONCE, so if you have any other podcasts you’d like to submit for a certain category, take your time and do so. Now if you don’t have any other podcasts or you don’t want to be bothered to do more work then I’m asking you to do, that’s ok, you can just fill out the two categories I’d like Anime Pulseto be entered into and submit that.

Here is the link to click that will take you to the Podcast Awards website:


Assuming we make it past nominations, then I’ll make another post to remind everyone to vote.

I’ll also mention this on our next show this coming sunday, just in case you don’t visit the front page as often as I do.

Thank you for your time, and wish us good luck!

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