Episode 434: Winter Previews #1

Do you feel that? A winter chill has brought us a brand new season of anime, and thanks to Jack Frost all three of the musketeers are here to bring you the sneak peeks into what this season has to offer. But first it’s news, as TC talks about Toonami, Red cooks up some Ice Cream Curry, and Ichigo morns the loss of the opera singer behind Ghost in the Shell’s soundtrack. Then the trio swings into a new Discussion Thread, where the question this week asked you what you wouldchange in one of your favorite animes. Finally Ichigo, TC, and Red delve into previews. Ichigo brings to the tableShinmai Maou no Testament andAnsatsu Kyoushitsu, Red hasAbsolute Duo andSeiken Tsukai no World Break, and TC introducesKantai Collection: KanColle andKoufuku Graffiti. Sorry about TCs audio quality, without the waifu around he’s just a huge mess and plum forgot to check his wavelengths as we got started. I promise if you put up with it this time, I’ll be sure to remind him to step out of thetardis before recording next week.

Show Notes


Intro – Absolute Soulfrom Absolute DuobyKonomi Suzuki
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Shinmai Maou no Testament

Absolute Duo

Kantai Collection: KanColle

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Seiken Tsukai no World Break

Koufuku Graffiti

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0 Replies to “Episode 434: Winter Previews #1”

  1. Sorry about that folks. I swear nothing was different from usual, except waifu was in bed with a headache. I guess she’s my lucky charm that keeps things from going all fubar.

  2. I don’t think I come across people who equate being thin with being ugly, or that being thin is not preferable as an actress. I’m thinking of all the female characters Red likes, and they aren’t thick, and they are definitely not sporting extra pounds.

    Was The Major ever thought of as voluptuous? I don’t like the casting, but not because of Scarlett. Scartett is a beautiful woman, and I don’t know who Redunit10 would cast. I wanted a Japanese-American actor, at least, to play her, and you are not going to find an Asian Actress with chops who looks like The Major.

    Red, you have women issues. There are real, mentally ill anorexics out there, and they are truly “yuck” to look at.

  3. Just ONE MORE POST!

    I made a major blunder on the discussion topic. My anime I wanted to change was Parasyte. I wanted it to come out twice a week. Way too late to change that!!

  4. @YotaruVegeta: That’s because in anime, there are no fat girls. They are all perfect and fit, the rare anime that has the fat girl is not one I watch because I don’t find the anime interesting. OnePiece is a good example of this.

    The girls I like in anime, it comes from their personality or character, not from their waist line.

    I don’t find Scartett Johansson repulsive, however she comes off as the girls in high school who joined the cheerleading squad to become popular because they wren’t hot enough to be popular on their own. She is superficial as hell, requiring massive amount of makeup and hot skintight clothing with CGI to make her even passable as Black Widow, the most pointless character in the Avengers.

    It’s just just the fact a stripper pole cold have player her role in Lucy and no one would have noticed a difference, it’s her fake quality too. To me, she’s just an ugly person.

    If I have women issues Vegeta, then the whole world is fucked.

  5. @Red, really you find scarlet ugly and repulsive. Are you basing that simply because of the roles she plays, or do you think she’s repulsive outside of her acting career. In which case I must ask do you know her in person? I must admit I don’t care for her but let’s not judge a book by its cover, which also applies to people.

  6. Wow, Red, you have some issues, and you’re tossing them on Scarlett Johannsen. You said they’re using CGI to make her Black Widow? Well, no one is going to be a proper Black Widow, because she’s a comic book character, and her endurance alone would be too much for a normal woman. Also, what actress is not getting dolled up for their film roles? You think any actress is doing it au naturel?

    I’ve watched 3 films with her as Black Widow. She just keeps getting better and better. Captain America 2 was awesome, and she was awesome in it.

    I haven’t seen many interviews with her, but out of what I have seen, she doesn’t come off like a bad or superficial person. When I think superficial, I think Paris Hilton. She doesn’t come off as a great or humble person.

    The more we discuss this, the more I think you have hang-ups from, I don’t know, the high school days and the mean girls. That’s a highly, highly unprofessional opinion, but that’s the impression I take away.

  7. @Maki: Apparently you didn’t take any time to read my comment. I said I don’t think she’s repulsive, but I do find her ugly. Of course I don’t know her in person, hell, even people who know her in person don’t really know her! She’s an actress, that’s what she does. When the cover is all there is to the book, yes, I will judge it.

    @YotaruVegeta: CGI specifically on her body Vegeta, not the CGI explosions and special effects. Here tits, her ass, her face, all have had CGI work. Don’t believe me? Go find the interview with one of the script writers for the Avengers, they spill the beans. There are a dozen other actresses that could have filled that role easily, and without the CGI touchup.

    She is an actress from Hollywood, no one will ever know the true her except her. So I will base my opinion, and let’s be frank here, it’s my damn opinion and I’m entitled to it, on whatever she gives me to base an opinion on. As I told Maki “When the cover is all there is to the book, yes, I will judge it.”

    Apparently you went to a terrible school and know more about those experiences then I do. I had a pleasant High School life, filled with all the normal High School experiences and none of the terrible ones. I even had a few girlfriends! They didn’t last, but I am not some butt-hurt baby because of that. Remember how you talked about not knowing a person? Guess what, you don’t know me. But hey, stick around long enough, and I might give you enough material for you to do a full psych profile of me. Until then, please stop trying to act like a psychiatrist.

    As a general announcement, I am officially calling this subject closed. We shall end on this: Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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