Episode 437: Rolling Actors

Are you ready for another episode of Anime Pulse? Because drunk Red and exasperated TC are here to bring it to you! First up is two helpingsof news. The normal news is first, with topics like Discotech continuing to license half the anime in the world, IKEA all-you-can-eat dessert buffets, and Ghoulish anime cafe collaborations. Then Red regales you with news about the website and the forums, pay attention if you’re a member of the site! This stuff is important! From there it’s into the weekly discussion thread, where this week we were asked to provide the best anime character breakdown. Finally it’s into reviews, as the previews have ended. Red is up first with the Shafted Mekaku City Actors, and TC brings up the rear with the bikini-clad Rolling Girls.

Show Notes


Intro – Dazefrom Mekaku City ActorsbyJin feat.GARNiDERiA
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode from Tsukiyomi Moon Phaseby Dimitri From Paris


Mekaku City Actors– Netflix

The Rolling Girls– Crackers

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