Episode 440: Black Maria the Virgin Butler

Ever have one of those shows where you started three times over, finally think you’ve solved the problems, only to find out as you are editing the show that everything went horribly wrong? Yeah, this is that kind of show. TC talked about seriously buying a new microphone to upgrade his old equipment handed down by Ichigo, and Red thinks thats’s a really good idea, like, today. Alas, dear listeners, you will need to put up with this terrible quality for this weeksshow. After a brief talk about the passing of Leonard Nimoy, TC and Red jump into news with talks about body pillows that don’t like to be touched, McDonalds Japan trying to be more like a Starbucks, and tropes that even female anime watchers are sick and tired of. Then Red ushers in the discussion thread, bringing up the question of what makes an anime an anime? And finally it’s into reviews. Red kicks it off with the fujoshi bait Black Butler – Book of Circus, and TC with Wife bring up the rear with the not-so-virgin Maria the Virgin Witch.

Show Notes


Intro -EnamelbySIDfromBlack Butler – Book of Circus
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Parisfrom Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


BlackButler- Book of Circus– Crackers

Maria the Virgin Witch– Crackers

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0 Replies to “Episode 440: Black Maria the Virgin Butler”

  1. Is the audio recorded locally on each host’s computer and then mixed together later or just captured from whatever you’re using to communicate (Skype)?

    TC should try capturing some audio locally to see if the quality is as bad. It may be a problem with the Internet connection instead of the microphone.

    The Blue Yeti seems to be well regarded as a cheap podcasting mic, but if you’re willing to go pro level then something like a Heil PR-40 with a Blue Icicle will sound amazing.

    If even the Blue Yeti is beyond the budget i’ve had pretty good audio quality from my Logitech C920 webcam.

    If not recording the audio locally you might want to look into switching away from Skype. Throwing Jitsi Videobridge (demo) up on a DigitalOcean droplet should give you better audio between hosts as it’s using the Opus codec, and can be configured to capture each participant’s audio into files on the server.

  2. In a timely coincidence this week’s Linux Action Show walked through their podcasting production workflow, detailing the equipment and software they use.

    All the hardware should work fine on Linux, Windows and Mac OS (might need additional drivers on Windows, but should work out of the box on Mac and Linux).

    A lot of it will be overkill for your needs as you’re not doing a video podcast, but the audio stuff might be relevant.

  3. Ah, a fellow podcastophille!

    I think the sound of the podcast is alright, most often. I hear a few podcasts use the Yeti mikes, and that seems to be best.

    I think Weltall and Tim would be happy if people donated to the show so they could buy better equipment. Or at least that’s what I imagine they would like.

  4. You buy that, Red, and you might get a new nickname, like “moneybags!”

    So this was a feedback-rich episode for me. Before I go off into spouting massive amounts of babble, I’d like to say that it’s too bad that Timechaser is taking something of a break from the show, but we’d rather have a recovering guy off mic than sick one on it.

    First thing: if anyone’s interested in a satire of the typical shounen tropes, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun was an excelent comedy that subverted those tropes. Speaking of tropes, Red, troupes are not tropes, except maybe on TVTropes.

    The name of that heart attack on a plate that KFC came up with is called the Double Down. I’m a fast food guy, but I’d never try such a thing.

    I play Candy Crush during my commute, and I do not and have not paid a dime for either game (I also play the soda version). I don’t even use items. I also play Terra Battle, and I have not paid anything for it. I have been tempted, because I want to get cool characters, but I’m just saving up items so I can gain them through good ol’ effort.

    Hey, maybe my ears betrayed me, but I heard some negative grunts and groans from TimeChaser and RedUnit10 when Teen Titans and Animaniacs were mentioned. Are we gonna have a problem here? I love both shows (3 shows, since there are 2 versions of Teen Titans now).

    Red, you revealed to us that you are a virgin, which is fine. In 2015 (the future!) I wouldn’t be judging anyone’s healthy lifestyle; I wouldn’t do it in any case As long as you aren’t a secret serial killer, we’re cool. Anyway, I’d like to inform you that cunnilingus is a term reserved only for women, A woman has to be involved in cunnilingus, because a vulva has to be a part of the act. I don’t know the male term for oral sex. I guess we’ll just call it oral intercourse.

    What was funny about the anime discussion is that anime fans are much more ready to call non-Japanese works anime than they are to call American works anime. If we decided on a movement to call everything anime, I’d be for it, but I just know that non-Japanese fans would dread American animation being called anime across the board.

    Finally, did you suggest, Red, that Ichigo should raise a…harem made up of his own children? I think your anime OCD has crossed over into odd territory! 🙂

  5. Troupes: A group of dancers. Troupes: Metaphorical use of words to describe something. Is it the way I pronounce it?

    Teen Titans? NO! 1, 2, 3, 4 NO! Teen Titans.

    “As long as you aren’t a secret serial killer.” Don’t worry, I prefer to be the one who is hunted not the hunter. Also, cunnilingus: Stimulation of the female genitals using the tongue or lips. Nothing about girls only use of the word in the dictionary.

    When did I suggest that!?

  6. I don’t know what dictionary you use, but it’s “tropes” not “troupes.” You’ve never been to TV Tropes? I’m sure you’ve at least heard of it.

    Dude, you used cunnilingus in reference to a guy being stimulated. I did not say that only women can USE the word. That would be nuts. Why would I say that?

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