Episode 442: Ghost in the Bizarre Adventure

Another week and another episode of Anime Pulse. Once again TC is out of commission, and will be taking what he calls an “extended leave of absence” until he feels (or more importantly, his wife feels) like he can return. For now, we have another guest from the community joining Red; Digitani. After a brief introduction, Red and Digi get into news about Tower Burgers, panty stealing ex-baseball players, and lonely middle school teachers who accidentally expose their porn stash to their students. Then it’s into the discussion thread, this week’s question was all about the gags. What anime has your favorite running gag? And then it’s onto reviews! Digi steps in first with a lengthy review of the new Ghost in the Shell series Arise, then Red wraps things up with a disappointed look at the second season ofJojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Show Notes


Intro – Stand Proudby JinHashimotofromJojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Parisfrom Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Ghost in the Shell: Arise-Download Now

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders– Crackers


Tokyo Tower Burger

Japanese Starbucks

Accidental Porn in Classroom

American Impressions on Anime Industry Wages

Fishing for Panties

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0 Replies to “Episode 442: Ghost in the Bizarre Adventure”

  1. Sorry about not being around again, folks. I came down rather suddenly on Friday with a cold or whatever, and I’m not feeling all that great. I will rejoin the show as soon as possible. Hope to be back for the epic Episode 444! 😉

  2. @Red. Ok I feel like I should mention this, but Red several times now, including the last show you referred to Rangiku as Rukia.

  3. Yes. I was waiting for a GITS (Arise) review. Must admit I really enjoyed the in depth review by Digitani without spoiling the show, very AWO like. However I still like Stand alone complex better because I think it’s much more engaging and really requires you to pay attention. This is why I was a bit disappointed when I learned that Kenji kamiyama was not involved as a director, however this did not prevent me from enjoying Arise.

  4. I’m glad you finally played some good music on this show for once. 🙂

    Digitani has an awesome resume, and he’s not bad on the mic, either. He sounds very comfortable. Red mentioned Arpeggio of Blue Steel, and the animation was not a problem for me. In fact, the animation was noteworthy. Where I jumped off was when the story actually got going. Everyone has their biases, and a harem- even the potential for it, turns me off.

    Ghost in the Shell: SAC is in my top anime, all-time. For me it’s like “The Wire” of anime (or The Wire is the GiTS of live action shows, since GiTS came first)

  5. I’d like to note that Roundabout was just one of several songs used for the OPs and EDs of the JoJo’s series. I like Roundabout, but my favorite song of them all is Sono Chi no Sodame

  6. @Yotaruvegeta. Agreed GITS SAC is such a sophisticated anime and it’s also one of my favourites; I haven’t watched the wire, but since you draw comparison with stand alone complex maybe I should check it out.

  7. @RedUnit10 You mentioned on this episode that you want to start using Twitch to do live streams of the shows. The problem is Twitch will only allow live streams of video games. They would take the streams down if they caught you and you might lose account access with repeated offenses.

    You’ll want to look elsewhere for a live streaming service to host the shows.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 🙁

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