Popcorn Pulse 32: Strange Fall

Like a slinky pitched over the side of a building, the joint discussion of the week revolves around Fallen (1998). In it, Denzel Washington plays a cop who’s yet to be too old for this shit. He ends up being haunted by a demon who can pass along to someone new with a pat on the shoulder. It ends up inside mister Rogers after he stops to comfort James Gandolfini for being in Get Shorty. This allows Rogers to terrorize a small Midwestern town until he’s hunted down by Werner Von Van Helsing.

Tim then decides to trot out a film that’s aged worse than the Mona Lisa inside of a compost pile in Louisiana, Dr Strange(1978). It features a man for whom no is merely a suggestion and mustache wax gets itemized on his taxes. He plays a psychiatrist who finds out he will now have literal magic hands which he uses to battle Morgan La Fay for custody of Merlin’s bones. Also, the sorcerer supreme has the Jedi mind trick in his bag which he uses no less than three times.

Weltall discusses Brother(2000). It’s about a man named after the honorific for big brother who doesn’t turn out to rule Eastasia. He drops out of the Yakuza and moves to L.A. to find himself. Upon arrival, they go to a wedding, get completely wasted and wake with no memory of the previous night. This culminates with a wild seventeen minute car chase on the highway which ends with Keanu Reeves punching a speeding bus at him.

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