Episode 448: Death.Zero

Hello everyone. Anime Pulse is back and Red is here to lead the way, this week he is joined by RyoWei247 from the community; or as she says we may call her “Rio.” After a brief introduction into the life of Rio, Red kicks things off with the news. This week have some articles like gigantic burgers, memes that resurface thanks to artists on Twitter, and an old ad for Weight Gain. Then it’s into the Discussion- oh wait, yeah, sadly that won’t be happening. The website was down, which means this weeks discussion thread will be moving into next weeks. Sorry about that folks, technical difficulties and all that. So Instead Red and Rio jump straight into reviews. Rio is up first with Death Parade, and Red finishes things off with the first season of Aldnoah.Zero. The race to be the new full-time cohost is almost up folks, so if you haven’t put your ballet in yet then get to it!

Show Notes


Intro – FlyersbyBradiofromDeath Parade
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Parisfrom Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Death Parade– Download Now

Aldnoah.Zero– Download Now


Monster Burger

Hetalia Continues

Squid Ink Pizza

Pepe the Frog

“Marshmallow Girls”

Sailor Moon High Heels

Gain Weight Candy Ad

Hellsing is Done

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0 Replies to “Episode 448: Death.Zero”

  1. Any possibilities for double guests in the future? Like Rio and Raina? To make up for the show being male dominated for years.

  2. @ Shogun22: Unfortunately no. Reina is TC’s full time nurse, plus she not comfortable doing the show with anyone else but him.

    I’ve also decided that two’s company and three’s a crowd, so we’ll be sticking to be two person format for the foreseeable future.

  3. I would’ve liked to know the genesis of the name RyoWei247, but maybe it’s better left a mystery. In my mind, she’s the world’s biggest Art of Fighting fan.

    If we get to vote, I’m for Ryo coming aboard. It’s not just because we are in desperate need for a male/female balance (TWIST! RedUnit10, the guy who doesn’t like single-gender shows has been IN a single gender show this whole time!) but because Ryo is well spoken- and her hardware setup sounds good.

    I have nothing negative to say about the listeners who have guested since TimeChaser Leno/Lettermaned out of our lives, but RyoWei cosplays, so I guess she gets more points!?

    Red, were you basically saying that the microwave has replaced the toaster? Maybe that’s not what you were saying. If you don’t use a toaster oven, how do you make…toast? Or bagels and such? I use the toaster oven more than I do the big oven. I boil and fry stuff a lot, sure, but the microwave is for reheating, to me.

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