Episode 450: The One that Got Away

Hello everyone, Red here. Now normally I would be bringing you a new episode of Anime Pulse about this time, but due to technical difficulties the recorded show was rendered unsalvageable. This means that Rio and I did have a show, but it will not be released to the public due to this fact.

I’d like to apologize to all of out loyal listeners, this is the first time this has happened on my watch and I hope it to be the last time. Rio and I are working on trying to prevent this problem from occurring ever again, but it’s an odd one.

This is where you the audience can come in to help save the day, perhaps solve this unique problem. See, the show is recorded by the two hosts (Rio and myself) and then I edit them together. Normally this is an easy task and I slap the two audio tacks together, line up a spike in the recording we create by clapping, and the two sync together like PB&J. What has been happening however, is that Rio’s half is slowly adding silence time over the course of her recording. By the end of it all, her audio is up to fifteen seconds longer then my own, our audio not syncing up at all. This is a problem I have never encountered before and I do not know what to do, Rio says she might be onto something but I’d like to get more heads in on this.

Like myself, Rio is using Garageband. If you have any ideas as to what this problem could be, let us know in the comments below.

Thanks ahead of time,




Majimoji Rurumo – Crackers (Red)

Nagi no Asukara – Crackers (Rio)

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8 Replies to “Episode 450: The One that Got Away”

  1. Sounds like one of you has a system clock problem. The other possibility is that Rio has other software running at the same time that is causing gaps. Make sure any unnecessary processes are killed, if possible keep any browsers open on a different machine or a tablet.

  2. Thank you Ichigo! After doing several tests I have yet to have any problems. I’m moving vent to my second laptop (the Mac is…delicate) what is a system clock problem? I’m pretty sure I have things worked out but it’s good to double check! Thanks again!

  3. @Red & Rio, hope things get sorted out before the next show. I’m really curious at how the reviews went, my Monday evening after work (my time) wasn’t complete.

  4. @shogun I’m sorry! Thing will hopefully go more smoothly next show. The lost show was good I’m sorry my computer has prevented you and everyone else from hearing it.

  5. I guess that system clock is basically how well your computer’s “heartbeat” is ticking. If you have too many processes going, that adds weight on your “heart”

  6. @Rio, no problem, looking forward to the next show. PS: @Ichigo, hope you can drop by the show within this anime season.

  7. The system clock is essentially the system that keeps track of time for your system. Your system basically does X amount of operations per second (regardless of whether it’s “doing” something or not), and that powers the clock.

    Typically with today’s computers, it keeps track of time like a stopwatch and then has an “offset” that it uses to calculate the current time. A problem with the offset might make it hard to line it up. I’d be surprised if there was actually a problem with the system clock, as computers are so reliant on that thing happening regularly that that would probably cause a ton of other system problems that would be very noticeable.

    Processor load, on the other hand, seems like a probable cause. Close dem browser tabs!

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