Episode 455: The Love Connection Show

Welcome back one and all to another edition of Anime Pulse. On this weeks episode Red and Ryo start off with the suggestions, emails, PMs, and comments. Debating and discussing the pros and cons to each idea, including one or two of their own. Then news finally makes a return, albeit in a smaller form. Only two news articles in total, with Red telling us who will be casted in the upcoming Monster Musume anime and Ryo telling us all about an incident involving bloody money and a beef bowl. Next up is the discussion thread, where we tip our hats to the fathers out there with a question of who your favorite anime dad is. And finally, we wrap up with the reviews. Red takes the lead with an anime he likes to call Tsundere Dance, and Ryo is nonplused with the goldfish infused Galilei Donna.

Show Notes


Intro – SynchromanicabyNegotofromGalilei Donna
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Parisfrom Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance-Netflix

Galilei Donna– Netflix


Monster Musume Voice Cast

Bloody Money

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0 Replies to “Episode 455: The Love Connection Show”

  1. Man, I love that OP and music from Gallilei Donna. Too bad the anime didn’t stand up to that standard.

    I didn’t watch much Bleach. I was getting older, so I had to choose what shonen shows I wanted to keep up with: I chose Naruto and One Piece, but only actively watch OP.

    Until this day, I still have the Crunchyroll commercial from early in the site’s legitimate days. It featured Ichigo and some demonic fellow going at it. The commercial also had some badass music.

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