Episode 456: Foodgasms

Welcome to another episode of Anime Pulse. This week Red and Ryo start us off with more suggestions from the community, still no news but Red is hopeful the suggestions will begin to thin out and they can return to your normally scheduled program. After that Red touches on a rather serious subject involving an ex-Anime Pulse community member and harassment, after which Ryo lightens the mood with talks of a new segment dedicated to reviewing hentai between her and community member Innocuous Blond. The Discussion Thread is up next and it’s a doozy; if you could create an anime what would it’s title be and give a one line description. And finally the long awaited joint review of a show that still has yet to end, a little miscalculation on Red’s part; it’s Shokugeki no Soma!

Show Notes


Intro – Kibou no Utaby Ultra TowerfromShokugeki no Soma
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Parisfrom Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Shokugeki no Soma-Download Now

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0 Replies to “Episode 456: Foodgasms”

  1. Red, if you’re not quite a man yet, then what makes you a man?

    How many “not men” for example, can run a podcast?

  2. (Ah, site’s back!)

    Red, you were saying on the podcast, in reference to Miyazaki films (and, I guess, other animation aimed at children) that you do not feel completely like an adult.

  3. @YotaruVegeta: I did? Oh right, the thing about Miyazaki films being directed at families. In the sense they are amines at children but also have stuff for the parents. I never said anything about being a man or not, who the hell knows what makes you a man. I don’t.

    I’m what is commonly referred to as a “young adult.” I’m not a parent, no am I a child. But I can drink alcohol, legally have sex with a consenting partner, and work a full-time job from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

  4. A young adult can’t drink beer legally, or get married. They can read Twilight novels, though. Why they would, I don’t know.

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