Episode 465: Bloody Noses and Magical Boys

Making much better time this week, Anime Pulse is pleased to bring you yet another episode. Starting off with IRL news Ryo talks about her off-roading and school work, Red then picks up where he left off with his interview on Monday and his excitement for the upcoming release of Fallout 4. Afterwards they get to the news from Japan, with Ryo talking about some good news for same-sex couples and Red talking about some sad news for fans of Miyu Matsuki. And as usual the two wrap the show up with reviews, where poor Ryo has to suffer through sudden nose bleeds and magical boys. Red then gets to talk to himself for a few minutes about library shepherds before Ryo returns to join him. Hazaa for editing!

Show Notes


Intro – On My Sheep by Hagumi Nishizawa from Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Cute high earth defense club love – Download Now

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai – Crackers


Voice Actress Death

Same-Sex Certifications in Japan

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4 Replies to “Episode 465: Bloody Noses and Magical Boys”

  1. So, I get the pansexuality thing. What I really wonder about is the refinement of Red’s taste for older women – so, MILFs? Cougars? Experienced dommes? All of the above? lol

  2. If Red is pansexual, I guess magical boys aren’t included in that pan.

    I have 2 requests for RedUnit10:

    1. In honor of Anna’s voice actor passing, I’d like to get a review of Shimoneta (Shimoseka if you’re nasty). I think Red mentioned that he was waiting for an uncensored version to watch. I can wait. Personally, I have stopped at the last episode of Shimoneta, because after that, there will be no more Anna! She was an awesome character.

    2. I know Red has some personal philosophy against social media (there are benefits to not being part of it) BUT what if he used the Anime Pulse twitter account as his account. He doesn’t have to share anything personal, since it’s a “news” account; but if anyone wanted to contact him, they could do it through that account!

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