Episode 469: The “You Know What I’m Sayin” Show

So here’s a test. Who reads this? Who still listens? Let me know in comments section for this episode. This is going to be a pretty important test, and depending on its outcome Red is going to either keep rolling with the show or is going to hit the switch and put this podcast to bed. So if you still want this show to be a thing you’d better speak up, otherwise Anime Pulse will come to an end. That said, here’s the rundown for this episode: Red and Ryo try a new introduction with Red partially messing it up, and then they go straight into IRL news. After which Red reads the list of the most villains characters in anime and Ryo talks about an expensive Lum statue, or is it a figurine? Who really cares, it’s a giant depiction of Lum that’s probably already sold out. And to cap things off Red reviews the strong-female-warrior anime of Madan no Ou to Vanadis, and Ryo reviews the monster-girl filled world of Monster Musume.

Show Notes


Intro – Ginsen no Kaze by Konomi Suzuki from Madan no Ou to Vanadis
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Madan no Ou to Vanadis– Download Now

Monster Musume – Crackers


Anime Villains

Huge Lum Figure


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40 Replies to “Episode 469: The “You Know What I’m Sayin” Show”

  1. Well, these are depressing show notes to go into 2016 with. Doesn’t Weltall know exactly how many downloads the show gets? He could tell you.

    I know it’s frustrating to have a lack of feedback. Then the site had its problems, and probably scared off some listeners. I know I feel a little frustration, not knowing who listens anymore. What will we do with no Anime Pulse on…Anime Pulse? I haven’t listened yet, so maybe you answer these concerns.

    So, uh, yeah. Tl;dr is that I still listen.

  2. Presen and still listening to the show- however its more out of habit nowadays, eve since Ichigo and now timechaser have left AP red and Ryo ‘have just never seemed to match the chemistry that they gave to the show, in fact at times it seems more like they’re either reading their lines out of work that out of love for the show.

    i know there were auditions for the new presenters for the and, had i the budget for a decent recording setup and lived in the US to sinch timezone wise with Red or Ryo i would have stepped up in a shot.

  3. For real why are you doing this.

    this a Load of Shit dude.

    DO you knwo how many people ” like myself” listen to the show on Itunes and threw the AP app. and dont see the show notes unless we are told about them from your panicing Co-host on twitter.

    i would of never seen this if it wasn’t for that twitter Post.


    I’ve been listening to this show since episode 50. im not going to let it die now.

    From Firesflame4/ MolestedMoose80

  4. I love this show, and would hate to see it go. If you need to spice some things up I would love to make that happen as a guest. I think a few other people who love the show would say the same thing. Keep the anime love strong!

  5. I’m a fan and usually download and listen. I appreciate your hard work but if you feel like a change is needed then there’s no time like the present. xD

  6. I may not comment frequently, but I still listen to this show.

    What this show needs is a little noise in social media (i’m sure there are still some out there not aware of its return)and of course functioning forums.

  7. Hey Red, April Fools day isn’t until, you know April. But in all seriousness I can see why you are frustrated with a lack of feedback because the forums are yet to fixed. Hopefully they’ll be up soon and we can get back to arguing whether Avatar is anime or not.

    AP is my favorite anime podcast because of the sense of community it has from the discussion topics, I know its missing that right now, but I feel like it wont be missing it for much longer.

    But yeah I still listen too, I just don’t check the non-fourm site very often because I listen on mobile and it doesn’t show the description on there easily

  8. Yeah I read it and yeah I still listen, I dont comment on much and since the forum is still MIA I cant really post or communicate with anyone involved with the show. But yeah I still listen and look forward to every Monday coming into work and having something to make the day go by faster.

  9. It might feel like people are not listening due to the lack of feedback on the website, you can find them on social media, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.
    I been listening since episode 75 and it would make me and other listeners really sad if the show went away.

  10. I listen, but it ain’t easy.

    Ive been keeping subscribed to the podcast feeds since the mid-2000’s. The show has had its ups and downs, but it was mostly regular. There was a show every week, which is VERY important for building an audience. When the episodes become sporadic, it’s easy to clear out old feeds that haven’t updated for awhile.

    Is there a way to refocus the show on its original topic? The RL updates are good to fill time, but people subscribe to listen to talk about anime. We saw this with the food news, and talk about non-anime topics makes it hard to say that this is still an anime podcast. A chat between the hosts about a particular anime (outside of reviewing it) or a theme among recent anime would bring some much needed content and be much more interesting.

    Lastly, there are a lot of things that are still good on this feed. Tim and Weltall’s stuff is great to listen to, and the after dark episodes were very entertaining. I’d hope that this “putting to bed” talk doesn’t extend to the whole network.

  11. Alright calm your tits everyone, I’m not just up and quitting just yet. If I do that, I will be sure to let everyone know on the show as well as contact Weltall about my decision. More will be explained next show, which will be on Sunday the 10th or in other words episode 450.

  12. Nope. Never listen to the show or read the notes. That would require time spent away from watching the anime reviewed on the show.

  13. I’m still listening! But really though, please don’t cancel the show. It’s my favorite podcast of all time, and what I think it needs is some more outreach, like on YouTube or social media. I look forward to these podcasts a lot, and you should really work on getting the podcast well known. (Keep up the good work!)

  14. Ok, by the looks of it, this has cooled down.. But I do still listen and thoroughly enjoy the show. Haven’t been on the forums, I thought they were still dead.. apparently not.

  15. I do!

    I’m sure it’s frustrating to work in what feels like a vacuum. In the absence of the forums I’m betting it’s worse. Come to the dark side and join Twitter, Red, you might feel better. 🙂

  16. No whining Red. The AP shows are still the most downloaded on the site. You have to remember that 99% of listeners are passive content consumers. That’s always the way it has been, and that’s the way it will continue to be. At least you have a co-host. I did solo shows after moving to Japan for what, a year?

  17. To quote Gurren Lagann – “Believe in the me who believes in you.”

    We still listen. Mix it up if you have to, have fun, I mean anime SHOULD be fun right? Maybe?

    Try different things for the show, but don’t give up just yet!

  18. I listen to the show weekly and I just started in the forums before they went down. I would like to hear more episodes. I would even be willing to throw my hat in for being a fill in host for the show if there is ever trouble with someone not able to do the show. Keep it going please!

  19. Please don’t end the show. I listen from my iPhone and I only stumbled across the description of the show. I don’t usually even read them I just see there’s a new episode and hit play. First time ever leaving a comment.

  20. To be honest I don’t really listen to the show much anymore. I listen to Manga Pulse and Popcorn Pulse whenever it pops up. With the loss of Batou it was a difficult adjustment, the same can be said with the addition of TC and Red when they came on and with the loss of Ichigo. This sort of thing happens in many instances, when there is a changing of the guard so to speak. It took me a while to adjust to TC and Red doing the show together and the same could be said for Red and Ryo. I just haven’t given you two a shot yet so my interest in the main show has waned a bit. I made it my mission back in 2007 to listen to as much AP as possible when I started listening and that hasn’t changed entirely now. But after a while my attention is diverted by other things. I still love AP and everything else that comes with it.

  21. Hi Red. I do listen to the show still. Actually, out of the Anime-Pulse line-up it’s about the only one I’m listening to. However, I know that it’s a lot of work as well. If you’re feeling burned out right now, you could do what has been done before and open it up for other listeners to come in and take over, or do a rolling co-host where you allow a different listener each episode to contribute (would be a good premium member perk). You could start with doing the behind the scene items only for a bit, then find someone to take over later. This is just a thought. Good job keeping things going while you have.

  22. Wow, some viewers seem to have anger issues… Lighten up folks!! Anyways I’m new to the show, and though there may be stumbling over words, it seems welcoming and human to do so. I have other podcasts that are more polished, but again, I feel like I’m with friends, rather than simple hosts. I say don’t give your hopes up yet! Maybe I should communicate with the hosts more via email, until the forums are back? Still listening…

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