Episode 474: The Sickly Show

I hope you’ve brought your medical facial masks, because Red and Ryo are both your patients for this weeks show. That’s right, your hosts are not feeling quite up-to-par as both of them are suffering from one type of illness or another; the show much go on though! As such, IRL news is full of how sick both Red and Ryo are; Ryo including the only bit of happy news which covered a drawing of hers getting some press. Afterwards Red talks about how Kirino from Oreimo is representing voters in Japan, and Ryo lists off the most popular cat names in Japan. And last but not least are reviews where Red covers a bad vampire anime, and Ryo attempts to keep herself entertained with a short anime about distraction.

Show Notes


Intro – The Power of Love by Cyber Nation Network from Master of Mosquiton ’99
Outro – Kimi ni Matsuwaru Mystery by  Satomi Sato and Ai Kayano from Hyoka


Master of Mosquiton ’99 – Netflix

Tonari no Seki-kun – Netflix


Oreimo Voting Campaign

Japanese Cat Names

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One Reply to “Episode 474: The Sickly Show”

  1. UUUUUUUUMM, Red, the character’s name is Frankie NEGGER, as in Frankenstein crossed with Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s not racist- unless you replace the “E” with an “I.”

    I could’ve gotten you a copy of this anime! All you had to do was time travel to the early 2000s and find me in my college anime club.

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