Manga Pulse 344: Pandora Baseball

Like a glacier, we’re moving along with general site repairs. And just like a glacier, it’s nearly impossible to see the movement if you’re checking in every hour. As the days go by we’re restoring functionality to the forums, ensuring our subscribers get notified of the live recordings. Remember those? We do.

Tim reviews Diamond no Ace, because we hadn’t done enough sport manga yet. This one is about baseball, one of the few sports Tim and Weltall have any knowledge about. Mostly from pure cultural osmosis though it was almost a pleasant change not to be thrust into a subject and new manga. It earned a Crackers.

Weltall then picks up a physical copy of a manga, Pandora in the Crimson Shell. It’s basically a fever dream Masamune Shirow shat out. It appears to be a prequel, loli “comedy” to Ghost in the Shell. Masamune was either really hard up or he released it in an exchange for his significant other’s life with a terror cell. It might sound terrible but it wasn’t offensive enough to dip below Borders.

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