Manga Pulse 346: Fairy Jitsu

Did you know that we thrive on requests and suggestions? It’s true. Our last two Popcorn Pulses were entirely inspired by feedback from listeners who like to inflict things on us. That goes for manga as well as movies, as evidenced by Tim’s review this week. What we’re saying is, we take your suggestions when you email them and do our best to get to them as quickly as possible. So feel free to email us with movies or manga you’d like us to analyze.

Tim was recommended Jitsu wa Watashi wa(which may also be known The Truth Is I am) based on this system. It’s about a guy who can’t effectively lie, who has a crush on a girl who happens to be a vampire. Because of this she will have to quit school until he promises to keep her secret. Going by the way Tim gushed over it, we may have to rename him Old Faithful. He emphatically gave it a Read It Now.

Weltall then gets around to Fairy Captivity. It had the appearance of having actual content but the chapters were far too short. It’s about “fairies” who are aliens who did things to the earth for reasons. They never get seen until one of the free jumps off the floating ship to the earth and causes the plot to begin. It’s not long enough to have really fleshed out anything but it isn’t offensive enough to get less than a Borders.

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