Episode 476: The Tim and Weltall Show

For this weeks show Red and Ryo have become one with their bosses and have begun to exemplify their pessimistic views of the anime industry, or in other words they poke fun at the state of Manga Pulse and its hosts. But before they work hard on trying to get fired, Red and Ryo regale you with their IRL news where they attempt to explain their long absences. Red has a new car, and Ryo is single again. Then it’s onto the Industry News, or lack-there-of as it’s a slow ass past few weeks for anything interesting to talk about. But doing their best Red has a follow-up piece about a Voice Actress facing charges after being found with cocaine, and Ryo informs everyone about the exciting venture of a Final Fantasy 15 anime. And lastly is reviews, where Ryo takes the lead with the feathery Comet Lucifer and Red rounds us out with Absolute Duo.

Show Notes


Intro – Absolute Soul by Konomi Suzuki from Absolute Duo
Outro – Rainbow Road by Nanobii from Rainbow Road (Album)


Comet Lucifer – Netflix

Absolute Duo – Crackers


Voice Actress Cocaine Story

Final Fantasy 15 Anime


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3 Replies to “Episode 476: The Tim and Weltall Show”

  1. Wow.

    I think you’re “winning” the Curse of Anime Pulse. I don’t know where date rape fits in with the curse, but that’s very “opposite of good”

    I’m crossing my fingers for better IRL news next episode.

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