Script 2 Script 9: Desperate

This show is brought to you by the formerly coke fueled man suffering from a transcription addiction, Stephen King. We decided to do something that wasn’t a terrible movie adaptation. Instead, we choose Desperation. While it is a movie, it was done as a TV movie which has entirely different standards than a theater release. For example, no one expects anyone to watch TV movies unless they’re drunk or trapped in hospice.

The basic story is the same. A whole bunch of people end up picked off and trapped in a small town in Nevada. They pool their funds to rent a single coach bus in the vain hopes to leave. Unfortunately, they can’t afford to rent a bus even as a group. However, there is an old junked school bus for sale which they might be able to fix up. In an act of desperation, they buy it in a last ditch hope to get to California.

Or it revolves around an ancient being which believes it’s god living in the desert. The people are being held like spare vehicles in a garage while the owner trashes their current rental. The first body we meet is played by Ron Pearlman and sticks around as the voice of Tak throughout. The movie still isn’t as good as the book though it makes an effort to stay faithful with the budget they have on hand.

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