Popcorn Pulse 51: Rash Man

After a lot of low budget and generally poor films as our joint discussion, we thought it would be interesting to pick something considered a classic. So we chose Rashomon(1950). It’s a movie so influential that it had a story telling device named after it. That where a story is told from multiple viewpoints expanding on the potential for unreliable narrators.

We figured if was a good a time as any to visit a film which spawned a trend which continues today. There are a lot of classic movies which are held in high regard by the old school of film buffs that don’t hold up. The short of it is, this is not one of them and we recommend a watch.

Speaking of Rashomon style storytelling, Tim then talks about The Loft[2014]. It’s a remake of a Belgian film from 2008. There are five men who have a secret hideaway for clandestine boning which suddenly has a dead body in it. So the mystery unfolds as they each tell their bit and flashback.

Weltall then talks about Payback[1999]. Yes, it stars the walking punch line himself, Mel Gibson. There was a point where he kept a tight enough lid on his crazy that we could actually enjoy his acting. Also, he actually acted at one point which he hasn’t been able to do since he hung that millstone around his neck. It’s a revenge for money film that’s still fun and worth a watch of the director’s cut.

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