Manga Pulse 347: Shit Can

We often approach these shows terrified that we’ll have nothing to talk about. Especially when the manga we’re discussing seems incredibly straightforward. Without a jam packed mythos, power levels and ranks to make fun of, a manga can appear rather anemic. Lucky for us, there’s always digression and it’s in full force within this episode.

Tim reviews Heroine Shikkaku. It’s about a girl who appears to have been raised by a pair of shoujo manga who have since taken to vacationing in the alps. She firmly believes that, as a childhood friend of her buddy Rita, she’s going to be his one true love. Unfortunately for her, just being friends with someone doesn’t guarantee you access to their genitals at a future date. She begins trying to win him over. It, somehow, earns a Crackers.

Weltall then brings Canis to the table. It’s about a man who owns a shop and can’t seem to keep help around. Matters are made worse y the fact he specializes in hats and a rival is opening a block away. Then he runs across a model who he makes work for him. Also, the model used to be with the mafia but didn’t get arrested because he’s too pretty to be dangerous. Also, it’s a boy love manga and none of that is made up. Weltall sums it up as “manga spaghetti” and gives it a Burn It.

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