Popcorn Pulse 52: Fish Boat

If there’s one thing Hollywood, and filmmakers in general, are good at, it’s realizing that there’s a calendar in their office. We’re pretty certain that’s the reason why there was an abundance of films centered around the new millennium released, of course, right around the turn of the millennium.

So it’s quite a surprise that there is a movie called Millennium(1989) which has nothing to do with the year two thousand nor about the much feared Y2K “bug”. It has to do with time travel where people from a thousand years in the future show up to kidnap people before they can die in a plane crash while leaving doppelgangers behind. Also, there are “time-quakes”. No, really.

Weltall then talks about Swordfish[2001]. A movie we may have already talked about but couldn’t find any proof of the fact. It features Hugh Jackman pretending to be a hacker which is almost as unbelievable as Halle Berry as a golfer. Did we mention Halle golfs in this? We imagine that the clip of her swing will be what Jack Nicklaus will have to watch on endless loop in the afterlife. It will be as penance for all those crappy cartridge games that slapped his name on them.

Tim then talks about the remake, Poseidon[2006]. Not only is it rather unnecessary it’s got enough CGI that it serves as a tourist brochure for the Matrix. The main characters come together for apparently no reason to go to the engine room after the ship is overturned. People die off in order of billing and randomly end up imperiled while not knowing how the got there.

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