Manga Pulse 348: Get Old

Are you fans of digression and roundabout discussions? Because we are in full form this episode. Weltall sounds like a geriatric reporter padding their social security with opinon pieces on CNN by saying “millenials”. Tim keeps trying to steer it back to the show’s center to no avail.

Speaking of Tim’s vain endeavor, it revolves around Getter Robo. It is likely the first series to introduce the concept of interlocking pieces forming a single robot a la Power Rangers or Voltron. There is a mad doctor who murders with zeal and built the robot, the eponymous “Getter”, and three pilots. They fight dinosaurs who’ve evolved underground and decided they’re tired of renting out the earth’s core. It’s bugnuts enough to earn a Crackers.

Weltall then brings out Oldman. The first thing that stands out it that it’s often beautifully drawn. Second is that it goes in some weird places right off. Aside from the seemingly old man who is a magician of sorts, there’s a quadriplegic warrior woman, a sculptor who makes nudie statues for drinks and a clairvoyant who blackmails them into helping her. It’s wonderfully different and interesting and earns a Read It Now.

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