Popcorn Pulse 53: Hard Clint

Today we jointly discuss a Clint Eastwood movie, The Beguiled(1971). While he has a large filmography, we wanted to avoid a number of the more well known films by Mister McSquinty. Plus the opening scene was so awful that when Wetall saw it, telling him we had to do this.

Clint’s character, McBurney(yes, really), is a Union soldier who gets wounded. When he’s found by a twelve year old girl, he kisses her in what is probably the creepiest thing Clint has done in a long time. She then helps him back to an all girls boarding school. Hijinks ensue in as far as the way a creepy rapist getting his leg cut off constitutes hijinks.

Weltall then discusses Hardcore Henry[2016]. It’s done entirely POV style and done with a mute protagonist. So it’s very much a reference to FPS games and tropes put into movie form. There’s a lot of action, shooting and a musical number. Thankfully, there is no tongue in cheek mugging at the camera or throwaway lines dismissing the silliness of the whole thing or else the whole thing would fall apart.

Tim then talks about the film, Alive(1993). If you’ve ever heard someone make a joke about a soccer team eating each other, this movie’s based on the real plane crash that joke comes from. To survive while awaiting rescue, they resort to cannibalism of the dead. There isn’t much to add beyond that it’s an interesting movie. Also, if you ever hear someone make the aforementioned joke, be a buzzkill and tell them it was a rugby team.

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