Popcorn Pulse 54: Devil Kick

Too often we’re busy discussing the newest films like all the other pedestrian podcasts. Given our always topical choice in films, we decided to reach into the bag of recommendations and find something that has aged. We pulled out a copy of Sidekicks(1992) to see if it aged like wine or like tuna salad.

It stars Jonathan Brandis as the nerdy kid who needs to absorb some “eastern” wisdom in order to fix the problems in his life. So yes, it’s The Karate Kid remade in the nineties while also featuring Chuck Norris. Before he was an internet meme, he was a proto meme who appears in the kid’s fantasies before helping him out at the martial arts tournament. Because what would a martial arts movie be without a tourney?

Tim then briefly talks about Dollman(1991) starring Tim Thomerson. You might recognize him as a white haired character actor who isn’t Steve Martin. He’s an alien badass cop who’s chief who’s conducting a proctology exam on a regular basis. He follows a badguy to earth where he’s only twelve inches tall in comparison to humans. Thomerson then ends up killing those generic gang members which were so popular as villains in the early nineties.

Weltall then brings up a TV series written by Neil Gaiman, Lucifer(2016). In it, Lucifer runs hell but decides that’s a dead end job. He leaves to run a night club in L.A. because where else would you set up shop as Satan? He ends up using his powers to assist a sexy detective. Because detectives are notoriously terrible at their jobs without a quirky sidekick a la Castle.

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