Manga Pulse 350: Princess Vs Princess

We have at least one idea which could make a profit in the near future. Shrapnel helmets to sell overseas. They’ll be made in America and sold to countries where there is a risk of bombs being dropped from Trump Force One because the president can’t tell the difference between China and Mexico as they all speak foreign.

Tim reviews Princess Lucia. There’s a demon who wants to screw the main character. This is, of course, our main characters worst fear. An attractive girl who’s willing and ready to have sex sends his penis fleeing to the hills to hide inside a pile of love pillows. Considering the generl trope-y-ness and the mild info dump at the beginning, it crawls up to a Crackers.

Weltall then reviews Onihime Vs. There’s a dude and he has a heart condition. His sister owes money to loan sharks to pay for his meds which is causing her problems. He makes a deal with demon hunters for cash which will relive her debt. Amazingly, when they follow him to school, they don’t show up as transfer students. It has enough humor and pacing to also get a Crackers.

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4 Replies to “Manga Pulse 350: Princess Vs Princess”

  1. The volume on your podcast is too low. It makes it very painful to the ears when you yell into the microphone.

    1. It’s been like this for 350 episodes 🙂 They could scream the entire show, so I don’t have to listen to the show only with headphones on.

      Maybe the hosts should listen to this show once in a while, to see how the listeners hear the show. I would love to get them better equipment, but I’m not made of Benjamins.

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